All type 1 diabetics have probably heard this before.
“Arent you used to giving yourself shots and pricking your fingers by now.” Or the “I dont know how you do that I hate needles and couldnt give myself a shot.”
Those statements show a sense of ignorance. I dont care how many times you prick your fingers and how many time you stick a needle in your body you never quite get used to it. Am I an expert on diabetes no I am just a low level health care provider. But I live with an expert someone who has had the diease for 28 years. Just a random thought.


Hello internet blog readers.

  This is my first foray into blogging and I felt I would pick a topic near and dear to me and that is my family.  I am a 38 year old firefighter and paramedic and I have been married to my beautiful wife my first love from high school for 7 years now.  She is 36 and a type 1 juvinile onset diabetic.  We have a miriacle child a beautiful 5 year old girl.

This blog will chronicle our struggles as a family to overcome the problems and hardships that diabetes present.  Maybe someone will learn from this and be able to apply it in their personal lives.  Or maybe it will provide validation for families going through the same things we are.

There are numerous things all lumped into diabetes from the public eye.  First and I know most Type 1 juvinile diabetics will agree with this statement “Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes our two totally different animals.” 

 Why is that you may ask?  The answer is a simple one Type 1 is usually a juvinile onset in children and that childs immune system targets the pancreas as an invader and kills its ability to produce insulin so the body can no longer transport glucose (sugar) into the cells of the body for energy production.  The blood glucose levels then will continue to rise and permanent damage to the body will occur.  This type of diabetes from diganosis to the grave this person will be on injectable insulin.

Type 2 diabetics are predisposed to this diease from heridity, lifestyle, eating habits and lack of excerise.  Most people who will tell you they are boderline diabetic are on the precipice of type 2 diabetes.  Their doctors will tell them lose weight, excersie, eat right and you gennerally will not have many problems.  If they dont they may have to take an oral hypoglycemic agent to regulate their blood sugar.  Once at this point if they do not follow all doctors orders they will eventually end up on injectable insulin. 

What angers me about most type 2 diabetics they want to be labeled as diabetics.  When in fact had they did a 180 degree lifestyle change, as their doctor had so ordered, they most likely would not be in a position to have to inject insulin into their bodies.  How can you compare carelessness to a diease that no one has any control over.

Yes I know this will ruffle feathers but it is supposed to, that is my intent.  Awareness has to be brought to bear on this deadly diease.

Deadly diease you say yes according to the world diabetes foundation and the diabetes atlas an estimated 4 million yes I said 4 million deaths due to diabetes and diabetes complications will occur in the 20-70 year old age group.  An estimated 285 million people will have diabetes in 2010 approximately 6.4% of the worlds population

In comparasion with cancer statistics, we have breast cancer awareness month but not a diabetes awareness month, according to only and estimated 40,230 deaths will occur from breast cancer about 10% of the diabetic total.  Also prostate cancer only has an  estimated death toll of 32,050.  The kicker lung cancer will kill an estimated 157,300 and total yes total deaths from all cancers from all sites will only kill an estimated 569,490 people.

Now you tell me what diease is more dangerous to the population of the world.  You answer me why a diease this deadly does not get the press, the research and the money poured into it but cancer research gets it.  I dont see the NFL having a diabetes awareness month wearing blue gloves but no they do it for breast cancer. 

Educate your self…………………..